Cart & Cook for HORECA

We enable the HORECA owners to increase their efficiency by solving their problems & allowing them to focus on core business.

Our Restaurant app shall digitalize all sourcing, provide real-time market insights, and feed awareness into HORECA purchasing via a personalized dashboard that generates reports and provides trend analysis on all spendings.

Why Cart & Cook

Benefits for

Clear Visibility on Spendings

Dashboards &Trend Analysis

Market Insights

Cost Saving

Cash Control

Full Digitization of Purchases

Self Generating Invoices & SOA

In-Built Document Management System

Quality Control

Refund / Return Policies

Free App

Multiple Payment Methods

No Minimum Order

Cancel Order Feature

Order Multiple Times

Packaging in (Grams/KG/Packs/Bulk)

Opt for Medium or High Quality

Chose Country of Origin

Audio Feedback Feature

User-Friendly App

Push Notifications on Promotions

Order Tracking

Simplified Central Procurement

Get Your Bulk Orders Delivered To Respective Location

Access To All Deals, Discounts & Offers

Provides Purchase Visibility

Facilitates Optimizing Inventory

User-Friendly Mobile App & Web Portal

Why We Stand Out?

This is not like your any other app, we give you insights and cost savings right at your fingertips

One Click Check Out
Push Notifications Market Insights
Refund Policies
Settings & Preferences
Order Tracking System
Multiple Payment Methods
Delivery Scheduling
Book Keeping
Analytical Dashboard Views
Self Invoicing
Promotions & Discounts
Complaints & Suggestions

Horeca Onboarding

Onboarding Process